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3 Rock-Climbing Styles You Can Find in Krabi

January 31, 2020
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

When you arrive at Krabi, there will be one thing you’ll notice immediately—the landscape. Because of its fantastic sheer cliffs, it is well-known to many rock climbers around the world as a rock-climbing paradise. Unlike other cliffs, though, these were formed through a chemical reaction. Years of rain have created these fantastic cliffs out of limestone, and they are ever-growing. As a plus, caves, flowstones, stalagmites, and so many other formations have come into existence. 


Rock Climbing in Krabi

For over 25 years, Krabi has been a haven for rock climbers. For as long as anyone can remember, people have been climbing rocks here for ages. That has caught onto the world’s spotlight, attracting rock climbers from around the globe to experience what Krabi has to offer.

If you’re a rock climber or an aspiring one who is looking to experience what Krabi has to offer, here are the different styles of rock climbing you can look forward to:


  1. Top-Rope Climbing

Top-rope climbing is a form of rock climbing that utilizes a rope. The rope is attached to the climber as well as to an anchor system on top of the climb, which is run down to a belayer at the bottom of the climb. If you aren’t so sure of what a belayer does, it is a person that adjusts the slack on the rope to either allow the climber to climb the rock surface without tension on the rope, or to keep the rope tight to stop the climber’s fall.

That said, top-rope climbing is done on places where the top part of the climb can be easily accessed, such as with a hike. Often, the anchor is secured by a guide that has reached the top first through other means, allowing others to climb the cliff safely.


  1. Lead Climbing

While lead climbing will still utilize a rope, it won’t be attached to an anchor point on top. The rope is attached to the climber, which is then attached to bolts placed on the rock surface to keep the climber from a dangerous fall. Lead climbing also utilizes a belayer to maintain slack on the rope as the climber goes higher and is usually impossible to do without one.


  1. Bouldering

Perhaps the most common way to rock-climb right here in Krabi is bouldering.

Bouldering doesn’t use any rope nor a belayer. It is just the climber and the rock surface. Fortunately, bouldering is only done on walls that aren’t any higher than six meters tall. The real challenge here, though, is that the climber usually must move horizontally. This kind of sport was initially created for expert climbers to practice different climbing techniques with nothing more than a hand full of chalk and special shoes to keep them on the cliff. Of course, they’re doing it only a few meters above the ground.


Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a pro-rock-climber, or one looking to experience it for the first time, Krabi is the perfect place to enjoy the activity. From bouldering to lead climbing, there is plenty that you can do to get your adrenaline rushing, as well as teach you some skills the next time you want to climb on your own! Tired after all the adventure? Come rest at Red Ginger Chic Resort, where you can spoil yourself with the relaxing part of a holiday at our resort in Krabi.