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3 Trip Hacks to Have a Worry-Free Beach Vacation in Krabi

March 24, 2020
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

No matter what beach you go to in the gorgeous province of Krabi––whether it might be Phi Phi, Ao Nang, or Railay Beach––there’s no denying the fact that every second spent on the island is precious.

Every single moment on the fine white sands of Krabi’s beaches is undeniably worth cherishing from the time you land in the province to the final minute you leave. Given the fact that Krabi is packed with many natural wonders and sights to behold, there’s one universal truth that applies to every traveler: making the most out of your trip to Krabi is a must!

Why making the most out of your time at the beach can be difficult

From the dreaded possibility of smartphone water damage to the fear of being snatched, there are quite a few features that make cherishing one’s time in Krabi far easier said than done. Seeing that Krabi is quite foreign to many and isn’t exactly the easiest to navigate or adjust to, most tourists find themselves in a difficult spot between being cautious and carefree enough to enjoy the whole trip.

Fortunately, making the most out of your trip to Krabi can be easily done as long as you apply the right tips during your time on the province’s wonderful beaches:

1. Use a bottle as a simple theft deterrent

One of the most underrated Krabi travel hack that both locals and tourists can enjoy during their time on the province’s beaches is the crafty sunscreen bottle theft deterrent hack.

Instead of leaving your valuables, such as your cash, keys, or other pocket-sized valuables wide open and at risk of being stolen, you can keep them safe by placing them in an empty sunscreen bottle. By picking a bottle that’s wide enough to store items as wide as a credit card without breaking it, you’ll be able to avoid being another target of a beach bandit.

2. Use sandwich bags as an uncanny form of protection

Another useful beach hack that you should know of is that you can protect your smartphones and other gadgets during your time at the beach with a sandwich bag.

The simple act of placing your phone and other gadgets into a simple sandwich bag can protect your beloved belongings from irreversible damage, sand intrusions, and nasty-looking sunscreen stains. Instead of wasting your precious vacation time on keeping your devices safe, taking a pack of Ziplocks can save you all the time in the world and let you sunbathe and swim with no worries.

3. Use baby powder for easy sand removal

If you’re an aspiring beach bum who dislikes getting sand stuck in between your toes, then it’s safe to say that you should keep a small bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. With the help of a trusty bottle of baby powder, you can use the products moisture-absorbing properties to remove stubborn sand off your feet and prevent nasty rashes and redness on your way back to the hotel room.


With the help of the three trusty tips mentioned above, you can easily make the most out of your limited time spent on the dreamy beaches of Krabi well enough to start and end your trip on a great note.

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