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6 Benefits of Spending Quality Time With the Family in Krabi

March 31, 2020
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

Why is family time valuable? The family that you have has a significant influence on how you will deal with your relationships and situations in your life. Having people at home is one thing, but intentionally making an effort to spend time together is quite another. Just like the other relationships in your life, your family deserves constant check-ins and time for it to grow.

If you haven’t been spending time with the family, perhaps it’s time to go on a vacation together. Here are some of its benefits of spending quality time on holiday with your loved ones:

Promotes Better Communication

Family members are more likely to open up during dedicated family time. This is very important, especially if you have kids who don’t usually open up conversations with you at home. Use this time to address their questions or encourage them to ask you about things that they’re too timid to ask about.

Helps Build Confidence

Quality time with the family is a chance for the parents to discover their children’s strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, this can open the door to sharing new experiences together that can help establish confidence and improve everybody’s self-esteem.

Teaches Children Social Skills

Having excellent social skills are essential. For children and teenagers, however, developing interpersonal skills isn’t easy. By spending quality time with them, you get to encourage their social skills in a natural context. An excellent way to do this is to play board games because this can empower children to resolve conflict.

Provide Bonding Opportunities

Quality time with the family is a great way to bond. Bonding times like this will help you create good memories that you can look back on in the future. This is why it’s so important to go on family vacations and try new things together, talking and offering support all the while.

Cultivates Positive Behavior

When you spend quality time with your family members, you can teach and share positive behavior that they can use outside of the home. It is in the home where kids can learn about the importance of positivity so, use your family bonding times to teach them how to have a more positive outlook in life. This is important because they will bring this with them throughout their whole life.

Relieves Stress

Just simply being with your family is a great stress-reliever. Nothing beats being with people you love and care most about. Instead of taking a nap and spending way too much time on Netflix, why not get up and spend some time with the people going to be there for you no matter what?


Spending quality time with your family is a crucial part of bonding and sticking together through tough times. Our recommendation? Go on an annual (or even biannual) family trip! Not only will you be spending days in close contact, but you’ll share new experiences and make memories that you wouldn’t at home.

Holidays are the most popular way to spend quality time with the family. Why not let us be your host? Red Ginger is one of the coolest hotels to stay in when visiting Krabi, Thailand. Book with us now.