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Our Guide to Bridal Gown Ideas for a Beach Wedding

January 17, 2020
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

Brides today have more freedom to explore different bridal gowns – from modest, semi-form hugging classic styles to a fearless selection of plunging necklines and sheer fabrics. In this modern fairytale, wedding gowns that break traditions are no longer limited to bold and daring brides. 


Going beyond the norm may come naturally if you choose to say “I do” on the beach. Experimenting with different fabrics and embellishments can make for a compelling and eye-catching look. 


With the right tips, any bride can pull off a relaxing bridal look for beach celebrations without sacrificing sensibility and sophistication. 


Tip #1: Explore Back Cutouts


Open back gowns are all the rage now as it strikes an intriguing balance between feminine and sexy. There are various levels of back-barring designs, and brides can choose between going daring with a completely backless style to more modest options. 


Additionally, an open wedding dress can go both ways depending on your style. For instance, pairing an open back with a loose bodice and flowing sheath silhouette is perfect for outdoor, beach weddings. 


Tip #2: Play Around with Revealing Slits


Slits are a perfect way to add an illusion of longer legs to any brides. Not to mention, it’s a perfect style for beach weddings as it promotes free-flowing movement where brides can easily walk in the sand. 


Depending on the slit’s height, it can complement women of different body types. For instance, a central slit that opens both legs will look divine on a bride that is slim and tall. 


On the other hand, a plump bride may benefit from wearing a loose-fitting bridal gown with a side slit to highlight all the flattering features. This means that the style will cover up the waist and hips, allowing the legs to shine with extra slenderness. 


Tip #3: Opt for Tight-Fitting Dresses


Different wedding styles all have various features that allow brides to enjoy body-hugging dresses for all body types. One of the most versatile, tight-fitting styles is the mermaid bridal gown, which offers a seductive and elegant look that mimics the silhouette of a mermaid. 


Similarly, fishtail and fit flare gowns will accentuate any bride’s curves in all the right places. With that in mind, don’t hesitate to play around with different fabrics and dresses until you find the ideal body-hugging style that best suits your body and personality. 


Tip #4: Experiment with Off-the-Shoulder Dresses


Off-the-shoulder bridal gowns exude sophistication and subtle sexiness as the style adorns the delicate shoulders and neckline of a woman. This pairs well with A-line or mermaid bridal outfits as the way it reveals some skin makes for a romantic impression. 


To that end, this style is perfect for brides who are looking to radiate with both a flirtatious yet feminine vibe when walking down sandy shorelines towards the makeshift altar. 


Tip #5: Try on Some Short Dresses with Train


Short dresses are now a hot trend in casual weddings as it puts a twist on classic, floor-sweeping wedding gowns. It’s the perfect way to highlight a woman’s delicate figure while adding a playful touch. The short and puffy skirt balances elegance and youthful innocence while pairing it with a long train. 


The Bottom Line


If saying ‘I do’ in a traditional dress isn’t your style, then don’t hesitate to take steps outside your comfort zone and try on unexpected silhouettes when celebrating your big day at the beach.  A sleek or form-fitting gown may be the ultimate chic statement, but keep in mind that the way you carry yourself is what can make or mar your summertime look. To that end, let loose and embrace your style on your big day. If you are looking to stay at one of the highest-rated resorts in Krabi – get in touch with us today to book your stay.