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3 Fun Activities to Beat the Rain in Krabi – Our Guide

December 6, 2019
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

When people think of a tropical vacation where there is sunshine all-year-round, one of the top destination spots that come into mind is Krabi, Thailand. It’s an on-earth paradise that is home to hundreds of postcard-perfect beaches lined with palm trees, coconut groves, clear waters, and a long stretch of sand as far as the eyes can see. 

While Thailand is popular for its promise of constant sunshine, even rain falls on paradise now and then. If you ever happen to catch Krabi while it’s pouring, there’s no need to fret! The vibrant city has no shortage of fun activities to do, so don’t let the weather rain down on your parade and make the most of your trip in Krabi with our tips below!


Tip #1: Unwind at Krabi’s Plethora of Wellness Spas

Rainy days are often associated with comfort and snuggle weather, so why spend the day getting pampered from head-to-toe? After all, weekend getaways are all about relaxation, and massage parlors abound at every street and hotel in Krabi. 

You’re in luck as Thailand is also famous for its wellness industry, wherein most spas promise to ease every inch of your aching muscles and exfoliate all the stress from your body. With a wide range of services such as waxing to full body treatments, you won’t run out of ways to unwind here in Krabi.


Tip #2: Taste Your Way into the City with Thai Cooking Classes

A vacation won’t be complete without tasting the culture, so if you’re craving for a unique way to satisfy your hunger for Thai staples, enrolling in cooking classes is the way to go. Most lessons follow a similar program, which will take half the day as it starts with sourcing the freshest ingredients you can find in Krabi’s colorfully abundant markets. 

As you learn about Thailand’s fundamental spices, each dish you learn will pack a punch to your taste buds. Prepare your stomach, too, as you’ll be taking a bite out of several local favorites with your group at the end of the class. To that end, expect the cooking classes in Thailand to be a feast for all your senses. 


Tip #3: Explore Caves in Krabi Town

If a little rain isn’t stopping you from finding adventure in a foreign place, exploring the picturesque caves in Krabi may be right up your alley. Krabi is rife with limestone rock formations, the most popular of them being Tiger Cave in Krabi Town. 

It’s a spectacular network of cave systems spread along the coastline, most of which are breath-taking with its crystalline formations, stalagmites, and stalactites. 


In Conclusion

Krabi, Thailand, is a hot spot for thrill-seekers across the globe, and while it’s famous for its outdoor activities, it shouldn’t put your whole tropical escapade under the weather. From relaxing at massage parlors, exploring the flavorful food culture through cooking classes, to chasing caves, Krabi is rich with attractions and activities you can enjoy – rain or shine! 

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