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What to Bring Where to Visit in Krabi

March 16, 2020
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

If you’re sick and tired of sharing your vacation spot with a ton of people, you’re not alone. Tourist destinations no longer feel intimate and fun when you see a lot of fellow tourists. The whole point of a tropical vacation is to unwind in a secluded area away from urban stressors— including a large crowd. 


Thailand is a tropical hub for tourists, but some areas have become densely populated; it can ruin your vacation. Luckily, there are still tourist spots you can go to that offer a more peaceful and secluded experience. One of those spots is the gorgeous tropical paradise of Krabi, a province to the south of Thailand’s west coast.


Krabi is like its popular sister destination, Phuket, but without a load of people within your view. Krabi has stunning surrounding islands that provide a spectacular backdrop for photo ops. The place is riddled with magnificent limestone formations and sumptuous food markets that offer gourmet food at an affordable price range.


Like any other trip, you need to bring the bare essential to enjoy the experience fully. Here are some things you need to bring during your stay in Krabi.


The Essentials


Coral-Safe Sunscreen 

Thailand is home to beautiful and colorful coral reefs. It is alarming that some sunscreens contain harmful chemicals that kill marine life. You should apply coral-safe sunscreen on your skin to help preserve it for future generations. 


Universal Adapter

Some countries have different electrical sockets. If you’re not sure if Thailand’s electrical outlets are the same as what your electronics use, bringing a universal charger will save you from the worry.  


Refillable Water Bottles

You can help maintain the beauty of tourist spots if you do not patronize plastic water bottles. They can be convenient but are considered unnecessary waste, which can litter Krabi’s magnificent surroundings. To help maintain Thailand’s clean environment, use a refillable water bottle in place of one-use water bottles. You kill two birds using one stone by saving money and the environment.


Invest in Insect-repellent Bracelets

Mosquitoes are rampant in Thailand, and using insect-repellent lotions can be a hassle. Not to mention, they might get confiscated at the airport. Mosquito-repellent bracelets are convenient and last for a long time. 


Hike Tup Keak


Krabi is home to a wide assortment of activities to entertain its tourists. Although snorkeling and island hopping are among the top choices, you can try hiking a nearby mountain. 


If you’re the type who wants to hike to enjoy nature in a place with fewer people, a hike up Tup Keak is a must in your itinerary. A one-way trip from the kick-off point to the peak lasts for about 90 minutes. The best part is you encounter a maximum of five people during your entire trip. With that said, this is an introvert’s ideal activity to unwind and relax.


Pro Tip: Wear appropriate hiking footwear to avoid any accidents. You can also time your hike, so you get to arrive at the peak in time for a magical sunset.


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