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Why Krabi Is the Perfect Destination for Any Thrill-Seeker

April 19, 2020
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

Best known all over the world for its sprawling, gorgeous natural landscapes, dreamlike beaches, and unforgettable culture and nightlife, Krabi prides itself on being a destination worth visiting over and over again.

With over six million visits every year from people around the world, Krabi has become one of Asia’s own must-visit destinations that keep tourists coming back for more every time. Aside from amazing beaches and unforgettable tropical activities, however, there’s one more reason that Krabi never ceases to set itself apart from every other tourist destination: it’s a province that’s teeming with adventure.

Why Krabi is the place to have the adventure of a lifetime in

Thanks to the way its natural landscapes are constructed and the wide range of available activities to enjoy, Krabi continues to hold its own status as an adrenaline junkie’s paradise right in the southern region of Thailand. The province’s own adventure sports scene, in particular, continues to grow at an exponential rate as more investors tap into opportunities to build facilities and homegrown adventurers to turn Krabi into a bigger playground.

Two activities well worth experiencing

Through the use of its vast natural landscapes, mountainous terrains and settings, and the openness of the Andaman Sea, Krabi hosts a wide range of opportunities for adventure-seekers to enjoy a Thai paradise. Regardless of whether you’re a nomad with a passion for adventure or a newbie that’s looking to push their limits one activity at a time, here are a two Krabi adventure experiences worth immersing yourself in:

(Literally) Diving into the underwater world of the Andaman Sea

With an underwater visibility that is unrivaled by nearly any other body of water in the world and a diverse and colorful marine life, this stunning location holds the momentous opportunity to experience the otherworldly wonder of the Andaman Sea. Krabi, in particular, is closest to the Andaman Sea’s must-see and experience areas for divers of all skill levels to freely explore the underwater world while getting up close and personal with the beautiful marine life. This is what makes this location the perfect place to go diving in!

Rock climbing right over Railay Beach

If you’ve been meaning to truly enjoy the immense natural beauty that Krabi offers, then there’s no denying the fact that Railay Beach should be in your list of must-visit places. With an expansive spread of limestone cliffs all over the idyllic landscape, it is absolutely recommended that you scale Krabi’s own craggy mountains. After all, rock climbers all over the world come to experience this very region! From beginner trails to expert free climbing routes that are designed to pose a challenge unlike any other, rock climbing here is an experience that is for anyone and everyone who is seeking a natural thrill.


Krabi holds a wide range of opportunities for adventure that cannot be found anywhere else in the world and has a near-limitless set of possibilities for enjoyment all throughout your stay in the province. If you’re looking to make your trip to Krabi even more memorable beyond adventures and activities that you’ll never forget, book your hotel in Krabi over at Red Ginger Krabi today!