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Why the Krabi Urban Forest Is Worth A Visit

March 9, 2020
Red Ginger Chic Resort Krabi

Thailand has always been a must-visit destination for travellers all over the world, and it’s not hard to see why. It has stunning beaches, rich history and culture, friendly locals, scrumptious food, majestic temples, and more. Tourists seem to flock Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai when visiting the famed tropical country since most of the popular destinations are concentrated in those places. But if you want to pay a visit to Thailand and want to avoid the crowds, you might want to take a trip to Krabi instead.

While Krabi is also a famous tourist destination, it’s not as crowded compared to other places. It’s renowned for its islands Koh Phi Phi (as seen in the Leonardo DiCaprio-led film The Beach) and Koh Lanta, as well as limestone cliffs, emerald waters, and vibrant nightlife. You’ll never run out of things to do while in Krabi, but if you want to a more laidback, nature-centric experience, you should take a trip to Krabi Urban Forest, particularly the walkway.


What is the Krabi Urban Forest Walkway?

Ideal for birdwatchers and nature lovers, the walkway in Krabi Urban Forest is basically a raised concrete situated above mangroves on the Krabi River in Krabi Town. Alternately known as the “Mangrove Walkway” it was renamed to Krabi Urban Forest Walkway before it went a major renovation and changed the name.

The province of Krabi manages the entire park. If you take the time to pay a visit, you’ll get in contact with dozens of species of birds, especially if you explore in the morning. Should you have extra time left after touring around, go straight to Mangrove Forest Walkway in the same town, just right on Uttaradit Road, which is the main road that runs along the river.

At the Mangrove Forest Walkway, you’ll discover various types of mangrove trees. Not many fish are found in the river, but if you’re lucky, you may get to catch a catfish as massive as 20 inches long, although it should be noted that the place is not ideal for shore fishing.

Instead, the walkway is a great place to take a relaxing walk where you can clear your head and be one with nature. And the best part is you won’t bump into too many people as it’s less touristy compared to other places in Krabi.


Why visit the Krabi Urban Forest  Walkway?

Admission is free in Krabi Forest Urban, so you won’t have to spend anything when you get there. All you have to bring is a mosquito lotion to be safe, but other than that, you won’t need anything else when exploring. Expect to see different species of mangrove trees, crabs, colourful tree frogs, water monitors, and more. There are even gliding lizards, kingfishers, mudskippers, sea eagles, and other animals.

If you want to make the trip more interesting, you’ll find a platform at the end of the walkway where you can ride a longtail boat to take you to small caves on the island called the Khao Khanab Nam Caves.

Going to the Krabi Urban Forest is a fun and pocket-friendly way to have a meditative adventure. If you also want to stay at a resort where you can enjoy a relaxing ambience, get in touch. We’re a resort based in Krabi, get in touch with us today to book your stay.